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Ayesa brings big data to smart electric meters

The company has incorporated these techniques and other IT systems to process the enormous amount of electricity consumption data

Ayesa has become one of the most advanced companies in the development of new technological solutions for smart meters, which must replace all analogical devices in Spain by 31st December 2018. 

The company's extensive knowledge of the electricity sector has allowed it to gain access to the world of Enel suppliers on an international level, to contribute to their digital transformation process. 

The Seville-based multinational is currently working with the Italian company Engineering Ingegneria Informática to jointly implement an electricity measurement management programme for Endesa, which will mean significant savings for the energy group and allow detailed processing of the information. This is indispensable to then proceed to create invoices and design new services with added value.

"The project resolves the technological challenge of large volumes of signals from the new electronic energy meters, at the same time as improving electrical measurement management processes, from readings, validation and processing to the publication and payment of the power", said Francisco Pellicer, Smart Systems Manager for Ayesa. 

The system involves complex processes, which include several dozen digital data validation processes to calculate the exact amount of electricity consumed by Endesa's millions of clients. On top of this, the new meters automatically generate power consumption measurements every hour (previously technicians had to go to the address to take the reading), which is why big data techniques are needed for the mass processing of the data. 

"All this results in very detailed and precise consumption information, which is beneficial to the customer and also to the electricity company as it can detect fraud more easily, in addition to opening up a multitude of possibilities to offer customers a more personalised service", said Pellicer.


This technological platform is an upgrade of Kronos, a cloud big data solution created by Ayesa to calculate load curves and which is being used in nine million household meters in Spain. 

More than one hundred Ayesa employees are currently working on the Endesa project. The first phase has already completed with the implementation of the platform in the Balearic Islands, Aragón and the Canary Islands and it is now expected to be gradually introduced in Andalusia and Catalonia. Thus, the process should finish around the beginning of 2018. 

Finally, the system is 100% exportable, and implementation is therefore expected to continue in other Latin American and European countries.