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Light Railway - Granada

Signalling, safety and communications facilities

Spanning 15.9 kilometres with 26 stops and stations that will serve the entire metropolitan area, Granada's light railway is currently one of Spain's major railway projects. Ayesa has been entrusted with the installations for the communications systems and the workshop equipment.

The contract, which Ayesa is participating in in joint venture with other companies, includes light rail signalling, crossing traffic lights on roads, control and supervision systems, an operating support system, a passenger information system, a communications system and workshop equipment. Ayesa has been entrusted with the communications system and workshop equipment, listed in more detail below.

  • Communications System

- TRANSMISSION NETWORK A 40 km redundant optic-fibre network across the entire line to transmit communications linked to voice, video and data services which may be established across the tram line between stops, as well as the central control station. IP TELPHONY, to allow the transmission of voice signals over the planned Ethernet network, as well as data traffic from other systems on the tram line.
- TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)
- WI-FI: Short-range data exchange at workshops and coach sheds.

  • Workshop equipment: Pit lathe, sandbox and distribution, washing machine, jacks, overhead crane, paint booth, cleaning of bogies, power units and road/rail vehicle.