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Ayesa to develop CenterplateISG CRM for Wanda Metropolitano

Ayesa has débuted as a technological company in the world of sports. And it has done so with a top client in a top setting: CenterplateISG, the company that holds the operating rights for the VIP area of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

The group has contracted Ayesa to develop its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Salesforce technology. The goal of the project was to achieve a more flexible and integrated management system and create a solid base on which to continue developing the "core" services.

The improvements made have mainly focussed on the sales process, enabling the incorporation of all CenterplateISG's products such as tickets, vouchers and concerts. At the same time, new features have been installed and invoicing has been automated, thus increasing the efficiency of the operations and allowing real time management.

The stadium, one of the world's most modern, has a capacity for 68,000 spectators, of which around 6,000 are VIP seats.  Box seats are sold under the name Neptuno Premium.

The big European clubs are opting for this type of hospitality service, with more and more exclusive services. The Wanda Metropolitano, inaugurated last September, is one of the most advanced in this sense. The CRM systems allow access to client information, contracts and marketing campaigns in real time, which facilitates decision-making, increases productivity and increases customer loyalty.


Ayesa has extensive knowledge of sports facilities since, as an engineering company, it has designed emblematic infrastructures like the Jerez Circuit and the Seville Olympic Stadium. It has also carried out projects for large clients like Real Madrid and Sevilla FC.

On top of this, it has extensive experience in Salesforce deployment for large clients and in strategic sectors like that of electricity.

Centerplate is the largest hospitality service company for sports events. It has managed 30 inauguration dances for the United States presidential term, 13 Super Bowls and 21 World Series.